Tax Rebate

Did you know that if you’re in the military (or left service within the last 4 years), drove your own vehicle (or used public transport) to and from work and were sent to different bases, including non-UK, you could be entitled to hundreds or even thousands of pounds back from HMRC?

This because the MOD pay for 20p per mile with allowances like GYH and HDT.

If you travel to a temporary workplace (posting under 24 months) you are entitled to 45p per mile for the first 10k miles and 25p per mile after that from HMRC.

It soon adds up!

At Forces Advice

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Speedy pay-out
We aim to settle your claim within 8 weeks

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The UK’s Armed Forces community are enjoying unexpected tax refunds. On average we can get you a £2,500 rebate. As long as you’ve completed basic training and have been at a base for under 2 years, you can claim for mileage in your own vehicle.


What we need from you:

Your P60 slips

For (up to) the last 4 years

Any receipts you have

For travel on public transport

A few minutes

Of your time

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