When you join the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, you rise to challenges that you probably never thought you would – something the Navy is keen to point out if the latest advertising campaign is anything to go by. If you’ll pardon the pun, your life becomes fluid, intersecting between land and sea.

This means that getting the right insurance to cover you could be difficult.

Your needs may change throughout your career.

At the very start of your journey, you’ll need to cover your Navy Kit at the very least. It’s easy to misplace any kit when you’re under pressure or in unfamiliar surroundings. Contrary to popular opinion, lost or damaged kit is not automatically replaced – you’ll have to pay for it – and in some cases, it’s very expensive!

Our Military Kit insurance product will cover you! What’s more, it can cover your personal belongings like laptops, iPads, MP3 and your other valuables. You could even include sports kit or bicycles.

Furthermore, you’ll also receive personal legal liability – this will pay any legal fees if you cause an injury to another person or damage their property.

Have you heard of ‘licence to occupy’ liability? If you haven’t then allow us to elaborate. If you accidentally damage your living quarters, the mess or other areas, you will be liable, similar to if you were renting from a private or social landlord.

Rest easy, as our Navy Kit Insurance has your back. And it could cost less than you think!

Why not use our interactive calculator to see how little you could pay for what we believe is the most comprehensive kit insurance product available in the UK? Your final premium will depend on the answers you give (and any other options you might take) on your completed proposal form, but we’re confident you’ll not find better value anywhere else.

No wonder our Military Kit Insurance product is one of our best-selling products – and it covers you, ship to shore. You won’t need to worry about deploying at short notice – you’ll have enough to think about without worrying about insurance! Forces Advice will take care of it. It’s what we do.

We understand the needs of HM Forces personnel and the unique challenges a career in the military presents. We’re proud to say that over 60% of our staff are ex-military personnel, so when we say we understand, we really do!

As with most financial products, the cost of cover will depend on your personal situation, but we believe you won’t find the same level of cover, as a serving member of the Royal Navy, with anybody else.

For a no-obligation quote, or to find out more about our range of different mortgages, insurance policies and other financial products, why not give us a call on 0333 7720613 –  we’ll be happy to help.

Whilst you serve your country, allow the military insurance experts at Forces Advice to serve and look after you, your family, your valuables and your property.