Getting the right insurance coverage in place when you serve the Royal Navy can be challenging. There are several factors that play a vital role in determining the kind of navy insurance that is best suited to your specific requirements. For instance, you may be a new recruit in need of an affordable kit insurance for the first time. Or a career Royal Marine that wishes to safeguard your home and income. Given that everybody’s precise needs vary, and change through their career with the Royal Navy, it is important to start considering a navy insurance that meets your requirements.

Most Common Types of Navy Insurance

Navy Kit Insurance

When you join the Royal Army, you are issued with a uniform and a wide array of costly equipment, either permanently or temporarily. Add to that any items of your own that you may have brought to supplement the gear that is issued and the list of kit grows considerably longer. If any of these items goes missing, you must replace it with money coming out of your own pocket.

Now, think about it. Is it all that difficult to misplace your kit when you work in unfamiliar places and under extreme pressure? Probably not. The sad truth is that when something like this happens, it affects you deeply in several ways. A navy kit insurance can help you escape the negative consequences of losing or damaging your navy kit.

Navy Life Insurance

The risky nature of the work makes having a life insurance particular important, especially if you wish to ensure that your loved ones and dependents will be provided if the worst should happen, whether this means that you are made redundant or unable to work. Without a doubt, it is crucial to be able to fulfil your financial obligations (i.e. mortgage payments).

Nevertheless, getting insurance on the high street can be extremely daunting. It largely depends on whether you are under orders at present, alongside your particular role.

Luckily, navy life insurances are usually designed to give you the much required peace of mind and coverage.

Navy Personal Insurance

Life as a sailor is very fast paced and mistakes are easily made, which is why you need to make sure you and those back home are protected. A navy personal insurance can have many forms, depending on the type of coverage you wish. For example, it can protect your possessions and pay you if you become unwell, get injured, or even killed by a critical illness or serious disease.

Define your specific insurance needs while serving the Royal Navy and call us to find the best and most cost-effective navy insurance policy that will meet your requirements one-by-one.