The thought of having to purchase Navy Insurance in a time where budgets are tight might be one that gives you the instant thought of “Can I afford it”.

But is it worth saving that few quid a month in the event that something happens, and it costs you or your loved ones a lot more?

What’s the difference between Forces Advice and other insurers?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that what you buy from us here at Forces Advice are designed to take care of your needs. There are no nasty surprises- it might be true in some cases that other products might appear cheaper, but what’s the catch? Often they are not designed with the knowledge we have. Because of this, it could be the case where you’re sprung with nasty surprises. That’s because sometimes, your standard insurance is written for a “one size fits all” approach- take life insurance. Sometimes there’s little difference between a product offered for someone who works in a shop and someone like yourself. So while it might cover some of the things you need, there may be things you need or haven’t thought of, that aren’t covered.

The products we offer however represent value for money. You’re paying for something that you know will be there when it’s needed most. So not only do you get the full value of a product designed by people who know the life you lead, but you also get peace of mind.

What Navy Insurance Products do we offer?

First things first, everyone’s precise needs are different. As such, they’re likely to change throughout their career with the Royal Navy. To best explain what we do, broadly speaking, your requirements are likely to fit into the following categories.

Navy Kit Insurance

As you will know, the equipment and uniform you’ve been issued with are quite expensive. Some of that equipment is on a short-term basis, whereas others are a permanent issue. But what happens if it goes missing, or is stolen? It could be in your home or your car- or it could happen while you’re on duty. Whatever it is, if it’s damaged, lost or stolen you’re responsible for replacing it.

We know that sometimes it’s less straightforward than just leaving it somewhere. Your career means you’re under a lot of pressure, and you’ll be in unfamiliar places. At Forces Advice, we understand that, and the Navy Kit Insurance we offer has that in mind. So, if this happens, we’ve got you covered.

For more details on what we offer, visit our Kit Insurance Page

Navy Life Insurance

Your life is valuable, not only to yourself but to those important to you. We understand that the life you lead as a member of the Navy can be dangerous and risky. Sometimes the high street insurer will run a mile upon hearing this- depending on your particular role or whether you’re presently under orders.

The insurance we offer is different because it’s designed with the knowledge of your work. It’ll protect those who depend on you if you’re unable to work or made redundant. For example, it could help you meet the payments on your mortgage. We work with a team of specialist insurers to ensure the protection we offer is the protection you need- no unnecessary extras, no baggage.

Navy Personal Insurance

It does what it says in the name. Insurance to help you as a person. It can protect you in many ways. Our Personal Insurance products can protect your possessions, (such as those at home or on travel). It’ll also pay out in the event of injury, illness or death.

Why should I choose Forces Advice for my Navy Insurance?

Forces Advice was established and is run to this day by Martyn Barberry and John Sykes who both enjoyed exemplary service careers in the British Armed Forces. After leaving the forces, they qualified and worked in the finance and insurance sector.

We were created to use that unique knowledge and expertise from living the life you lead to give back to those who serve today.

Even today, our team is made up of 60% ex-military personnel so the knowledge that drives what we offer runs right through us.

It’s true there are many places that sell insurance. But without the understanding we have, there’s always a chance the product they sell you isn’t fit for purpose. By buying from us, you can be sure we’ll tell you everything you need to know and provide the service your work deserves.

How do I find out more?

Whatever the stage of your career or your precise role within the service, we’re here to help. Feel free to browse through our website, our Navy Insurance page, or for the personal touch, give one of our advisors a call on 0333 772 0613.