Military serious illness insurance

When you work for the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF you’re used to being on top form. It’s hard to imagine feeling anything less than 100% physically.

But a serious illness – like cancer or a brain tumour – can strike anyone, at any time. And it’s not always related to your age or level of fitness. If you had to stop working, even just for a few months, how would you and your family cope?

Our military serious illness insurance policies are selected for military personnel by ex-military personnel who understand your needs. They offer protection against a significantly higher number of illnesses and conditions than a typical critical illness cover or a serious illness cover you might find from a high street insurance broker.

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What is military serious illness insurance?

Serious illness cover protects you from the financial impact that a serious illness can have on your life – and the lives of your family. When a fit and healthy person – such as a soldier, sailor or airman – finds themselves ill, it can be devastating. Being sofa- or bed-ridden can leave you feeling low – and financial worries won’t help at all.

A ‘Primary’ serious illness cover from us will protect you in the event of falling victim to one of 145 illnesses or conditions. We typically recommend a comprehensive forces serious illness insurance policy which covers you for 178 illness conditions. Compare that to an ‘average’ critical illness policy from the market that will only offer protection from 42.

At Forces Advice, we pride ourselves on offering you the best serious illness cover to see you through rough times. If you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions covered, you’ll receive a cash lump sum.

The typical serious illness cover we offer provides:

  • Cover you for more conditions than any other policy – including all heart attacks, all strokes and more types of cancer.
  • Cover you for some less severe and early stage conditions that other policies don’t cover.
  • Give you payouts based on how severe your condition is, so you receive cash earlier, and when you need it.
  • Let you claim more than once.
  • Have been independently rated 5-star by Defaqto.

Enhanced serious illness cover

Medical technology is advancing all the time, and tests and screenings are now much better at identifying less severe conditions. People are also being screened sooner. This means that certain conditions, such as cancer and heart attacks, are now being diagnosed much earlier – sometimes even before symptoms develop.

Enhanced serious illness cover will provide you with protection which standard policies might not cover.

Who is military serious illness insurance for?

The military serious illness insurance available through Forces Advice is suitable for anyone serving in the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF – or any of the specialist divisions within those corps.

It’s available for servicemen and women of all ranks – although your cover needs may vary depending on your salary and years of active service.

How much does military serious illness insurance cost?

There are several factors that could influence the price of your military serious illness insurance – such as your age and salary.   Of course the primary purpose of the cover is to provide you with the right amount of financial support should you need it, so we ensure that your policy is designed to do just that at a price that represents great value. Typically the insurance will payout between 100% and 5% of your cover amount depending on the severity of the condition you are affected by. In general terms, the more severe the illness, the larger the payout.

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