Do military reservists need insurance?

As a British Armed Forces reservist, you face many of the challenging situations that your full time colleagues do. At Forces Advice, we recognise that you deserve the same levels of protection as them.

Arrange your military reserves insurance cover through Forces Advice

Forces Advice is a specialist insurance broker established to serve the military, run by ex-military. We know your needs and have dedicated insurance plans for all military personnel, including reservists.

We have decades of experience in helping our military clients find insurance plans that work for them – and at a reasonable price. We don’t sell one-size-fits all insurance policies, but personalised plans that can be adapted to fit the circumstances of your life.

What is military reserves insurance cover?

We work with you to arrange a cover that fits your individual needs. That said, most of the insurance plans for reservists that we offer tend to focus on the following core covers:

Critical or serious illness. You’re probably fit, or you wouldn’t be a reservist. It’s hard to imagine being bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. But serious diseases can strike down the healthiest of people. And again, if the illness isn’t actually caused by your reservists’ duties, the AFCS would have no obligation to award you any compensation. By contrast, our serious illness cover, for example, pays out if you’re diagnosed with one of 178 recognised conditions – and can be extended to provide an early diagnosis for serious diseases such as strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

Life insurance. What would await your family if the worst should happen to you and you lost your life, either in the course of military duty or through ill health? Life insurance is a small investment to make for a potentially huge payout. It would provide for your loved ones in any way they chose if they lost you.

Personal liability. This is a growing field of insurance that protects you if your actions cause an accident or illness to a third party. In an increasingly litigious world, it can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds in both damages and legal fees.

Why choose Forces Advice for your military reservists insurance?

Forces Advice was founded and is run by Martyn Barberry and John Sykes, who served in HM Armed Forces before qualifying and working in the financial sector. They were able to establish Forces Advice Limited by combining their understanding of the insurance needs of British servicemen and women with their knowledge of the insurance market.

Forces Advice work with a range of insurance providers (rather than a single supplier) and offer a variety of insurance options to our military clients.

Authorised by the FCA and members of SIIAP to offer a professional insurance broking service, we endeavour to put military personnel and their families first, finding them quality insurance products.

Looking for military reserves insurance at great prices?

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Looking for military reserves insurance at great prices?

Call us now on 0333 772 0613 to discuss your requirements with our team

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