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What does a military recruit insurance policy do for a new recruit?

Taking out a military recruit insurance policy should mean one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re joining the British Army, Royal Navy, RAF or Royal Marines, you’ll have a lot on your plate. Your life will change beyond recognition. During your phase 1 training, you’ll be busy with drills and fitness training, followed by lectures, weapon handling, inspections, and team-building exercises. On top of that, you’ll meet a group of varied people who won’t just be your colleagues, but your close mates in a way you never thought possible.

It’s difficult to find time to catch your breath, let alone arrange things like insurance. That’s why we make it easy for you. Established and managed by by ex-military, Forces Advice is an insurance company dedicated to the needs of HM Forces personnel. You can trust us to have thought of everything a military recruit insurance policy needs to cover.

What insurance covers should a military recruit consider buying?

There are many different insurance plans available. Some of them are more relevant to new recruits than others. To makes it simple, you can look at military recruit insurance dividing into two main categories: Liability and possessions.

Military Recruit Liability Insurance.

New recruits are responsible for certain aspects of their environment. When you start living in military accommodation, you have to sign a contract which states that if you cause damage to your quarters, you’ll have to cover up to £20,000. You also have a personal responsibility towards your colleagues. That means that if you had an accident in training that caused someone else to get injured, for example, you might have to pay legal costs. Military recruit insurance is designed to protect you from potential costs should something go wrong.

Military Recruit Possessions Insurance.

This includes anything you own that you keep on base – from electronic equipment to clothes, cash, credit cards, and jewellery or watches. Importantly, it also includes your issued army kit, for which you’re personally responsible. If any part of your kit was lost or stolen, you could be left facing a hefty bill. Again, a military recruit insurance policy from Forces Advice would cover the costs of replacing items lost stolen or damaged.

What kit needs insuring during phase 1 training?

Typical kit for phase 1 training that you need insurance cover for inludes:


No. 2 dress FAD



Silver shadow trainers

NBC kit + respirator


Kit bag

Boot socks

Helmet and cover

If any of these items get broken or go missing, they could be costly to replace.

Managing and insuring your personal possessions as a military recruit

 As part of a military recruit insurance plan, you can expect to have your personal belongings covered for up to £8,500. This typically covers:

Mobile phone

Laptop or tablet computer

Games console

Jewellery and watches

Clothes and footwear

MP3 player

Cash and/or bank cards

Bike or other sports equipment

When you’re far from home and everything around you is new and different, your personal possessions take on added value. For example, your phone and laptop aren’t just expensive items in their own right, they may be your lifeline to friends and loved ones. If anything happened to them, it could have a big impact on your wellbeing during your training.

Obviously, the best option for you is to hang onto your possessions. Ensure that they’re stored in your locker and kept out of harm’s way. The same goes for your kit. It needs to be clearly labelled and stored securely at the end of each day.

However, if the worst did happen and your kit or personal belongings were broken or went missing, new recruit insurance will come to your rescue, picking up the bill.

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Want a quote for Military Recruit Insurance?

Call us now on 0333 772 0613 to discuss your requirements with our team

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