Military accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) insurance

Life in the armed forces is fast and exciting. In serving your country, you’re also serving your need for variety and challenge – and no two days are the same. For a soldier, airman or sailor, the daily surge of adrenalin is the norm. You’re on top form, and you can’t imagine it being any other way.

But accidents do happen. Sickness and employment happen too – even if you’re young and strong and feel invincible. And when they do, it can hit you all the harder because you’re so used to being active.

Then there’s the loss of income. Imagine if you were out of work, out of shape – and couldn’t pay the bills to boot. Many military men and women have families relying on them. What would happen to your relationship if you couldn’t keep up payments on your mortgage? Or your kids if you couldn’t provide them with the things they need – food, clothes and a decent education?

ASU insurance is designed to protect you in troubled times, and make sure you can cover the costs of your living if you lose your livelihood, even for a short time.

Who is ASU for?

Military ASU insurance is designed for anyone serving in the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF – or any of the specialist divisions within those corps.

It’s suitable for servicemen and women of all ranks – although your cover needs may vary, depending on your salary and years of active service.

What does ASU cover?

Military ASU insurance provides you with an income to meet your outgoings in case of:

  • Absence from work due to illness
  • Absence from work due to an accident
  • Redundancy

You pay a monthly premium for the level of cover you need, and if you lose your job or can’t work, you’ll receive that amount of money each month to cover your costs – and can spend as you choose. Policies usually pay out for up to a year, or until you return to work – whichever happens first.

Why talk to Forces Advice about your insurance needs?

Forces Advice does not offer ASU life insurance, but do sell a range of military insurance products from a number of leading insurers.

Forces Advice was established and is run by Martyn Barberry and John Sykes who both enjoyed careers in the British Armed Forces before qualifying and working in the finance and insurance sector. Combining their understanding of the insurance needs of British servicemen and women with an in-depth professional understanding of insurance products, they established Forces Advice.

We offer a range of products from carefully selected insurers.

As a member of SIIAP, we endeavour put the serviceman and their family first with quality cover at a monthly cost that’s affordable to you. You can check our details on the Financial Services Register. Our firm reference Number is 622403.

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Need some help with your insurance?

Call us now on 0333 772 0613 to discuss your requirements with our team

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