VitalityLife insurance program

You will have seen us refer to ‘VitalityLife’ on a number of our product pages. It is a product that we offer as we feel it offers a range or relevant, worthwhile benefits for members of the UK Armed Forces

VitalityLife offer insurance products that reward customers for living a healthy lifestyle. This reward system applies to their Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover, Income Protection policies and Private Medical Insurance policies. As a serving member of HM Armed Forces, its highly likely, due to the physical training that you do, that you will meet criteria which could mean discounts and additional benefits.

How does the VitalityLife Insurance program work?

When you buy Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover and/or Income Protection you will typically pay a set monthly premium* for a specific amount of cover over a certain number of years.

VitalityLife Insurance brings a dynamic to the market where your policy premiums can reduce depending upon how healthy your lifestyle is. Rewards are based upon their groupings of bronze, silver, gold and platinum fitness levels.

To see the benefits of VitalityLife you will need to purchase either a Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover and/or Income Protection policy.

Once your policy is in place you can then register a fitness device or mobile application to your account, so that VitalityLife can receive regular updates as to your fitness activities. These can include Fitbits, Fitbugs, Garmin devices, Polar watches, as well as Apps such as Strava. When you reach certain levels of activity you can change group from bronze to silver, gold or platinum and this can affect your premiums on the plan anniversary.

So what are the benefits to the VitalityLife policy?

As well as having the potential to reduce your policy premiums every year, you may also be entitled to the following benefits if you are able to register consistent activity levels:

   Money off British Airways

   Cashback every year

   Discounted Eurostar tickets

   Weekly cinema tickets

   Weekly Starbucks drink

   Virgin gym memberships

Regardless of your fitness levels the VitalityLife policy set comes with discounts at the following companies as standard:

   Champneys Spa





   Weight Watchers

   Lloyds Pharmacy

These are just a few examples of the additional benefits a VitalityLife plan has to offer.

When will I see the benefits of the VitalityLife program?

Premium reductions will occur when your annual anniversary statement is issued. You will need to have maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout the year in order to be eligible for a premium reduction.

Will my premiums increase if I am not active?

One of their popular plans at present is their ‘Optimiser’ policy, this gives an initial discount (up to 40%) then your premiums change each year based on your activity levels:

   Bronze member (little to no activity): 2% increase to premiums

   Silver member (little to some activity): 1% increase to premiums

   Gold member (moderate activity levels): no change to premiums

   Platinum member (high activity levels): 1% decrease to premiums

The alternative is to not choose the ‘Optimser’ plan which means your premiums are higher to start with but can only go down based on high activity levels, they will not increase.

How do I apply for VitalityLife cover?

Our insurance advisers regularly secure Life, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection policies for customers. Please feel free to contact us today on 0333 772 0613 to see if the VitalityLife set of products suits your individuals needs; you may find that your medical history, occupation or pastimes may mean that your cover is more suited to a different insurance provider.

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Find out more about VitalityLife insurance

Call us now on 0333 772 0613 to talk with our team

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