Military renewable term life insurance

A form of term insurance, military renewable term life insurance gives you a key option. At the end of the original term you can extend the policy, without the need for further medical tests or underwriting. It means that if you suffer deteriorating health during the initial period, you won’t be penalized or find yourself unable to get insurance at the point of renewal. You will simply be able to extend the existing policy, albeit with a premium that reflects your age.

Military renewable term life insurance cover is initially relatively inexpensive, but the premium will be higher than for ordinary term assurance and could rise substantially at the time of renewal.

Key facts about renewable term insurance

At Forces Advice, we understand the needs of service personnel and their dependents. Our comprehensive knowledge of the insurance market gives us the expertise to provide you information on a range of products. However, these are some features that you will typically find with a renewable term insurance policy:

Flexible: You can choose to extend the insurance term when it comes to an end with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re guaranteed to get cover irrespective of new medical conditions.

Less demanding: The premium you then pay is based on your health at the time you took out the original policy, even if your health has subsequently deteriorated.

Adaptable: This policy includes a useful variation for dealing with the unexpected, such as a child who stays in full-time education for longer than you had anticipated.

Affordable: This could also be a good option if you cannot, at present, afford the level of cover you need for the period you require. You could take out the cover you need but for a shorter period and, at the end of the period, you could take up your option for a further period. Premiums would then be higher because you would be older, but there would be no additional charge even if you had developed health problems.

The renewable option isn’t free. Renewable policies will normally be a little more expensive that standard policies providing the same benefits.

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