Military life insurance

A military life – whether it’s in the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF – is full of challenge and variety. Not many people do a more important or fulfilling job – seeing the world while keeping Britain safe.

Armed forces personnel love excitement. But they also love the times when they can come home and switch off, spend time with loved ones, have a beer with friends – or raise a family.

It’s not a comfortable thought, but have you considered what would happen to those back home if you lost your life during military service? How would your partner keep up payments or debts, if she (or he) were left alone?

Military life insurance, designed especially for those serving in the Army, Navy, Royal Marines or RAF, is a great way to protect your family from the financial worries they could face if you were no longer around – such as household bills, childcare, university fees and mortgage payments.

Who is military life insurance for?

Military life insurance is advisable for every person serving in the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF.

There are different types of armed services life insurance available, depending on your individual needs. As ex-military ourselves, we understand the special requirements of HM Armed Forces personnel and can help you find the right policy.

You could, for example, be a new recruit on a starting salary. Your military life insurance policy will have to take into account possible decades of service – but on the other hand, since your financial obligations will be fewer, your premium (the amount you pay each month or year) could be quite low.

Or you could be a British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF officer with years of active service behind you. While your salary will be higher and your financial obligations may be greater, your policy will also take into account the fact that the years of payout will be fewer.

Whether you’re starting out or already well into your career, an Army, Navy or RAF, a life insurance policy could cost you as little as £6 a month. If you’d like a personalised quote, or to find out more about the policies we offer, call us now on 0333 772 0613.

What does a military life insurance policy cover?

In the sad event that your family are left without you, military life insurance will help them to cope financially. Do you part-own a house or pay rent? Have you got outstanding payments on a car or mortgage? Do you have kids who need clothes, toys, books and holidays?

A good military life insurance policy will take into account all the financial responsibilities of your life and make sure that they’re covered in the event of your death. This could cover expenses such as:

  • Mortgage and other repayments
  • Credit card debt
  • School and university fees
  • Household bills
  • Childcare costs
  • Holidays

Military life insurance can also be extended to include critical illness and serious illness, which will cover you for the same expenses if you find yourself unable to work.

Advantages of military life insurance arranged through Forces Advice

Not all military life cover is the same. Some insurance companies will also help protect the things you care about, while rewarding you for being healthy. We offer Vitality Optimiser, which means you can enjoy rewards without having to claim, such as:

  • Lower protection premium from the day you open your policy – Vitality Optimiser gives you an upfront discount between 5-40% on standard protection premium in the first year. In future years, this may increase, remain the same or decrease further depending on how you engage in Vitality
  • Cashback – You could earn up to £200 every 3 years, just for being healthy
  • Free monthly cinema ticket – Unwind with a free weekly cinema ticket for Cineworld or Vue (per member on your plan)
  • And many more exclusive discounts

Why Forces Advice?

Forces Advice was established and is run by Martyn Barberry and John Sykes who both enjoyed careers in the British Armed Forces before qualifying and working in the finance and insurance sector. Combining their understanding of the insurance needs of British servicemen and women with an in-depth professional understanding of insurance products, they established Forces Advice Limited.

Many insurance brokers sell life insurance. But they don’t understand what being in the military really involves, and may sell you a policy that turns out not to match your needs. Why take that risk?

To find out more about the different military life insurance policies we offer, or to get an no-obligation quote now, call us on 0333 772 0613.

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