Navy Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Insurance and Kit Insurance for Royal Navy Personnel.

We aim to provide advice on life in the Royal Navy and the insurance cover we provide – and more details can be found on our Navy Insurance and Military Kit Insurance pages. In addition, our team of Navy Insurance specialists are happy to help on 0333 772 0613..


Military Travel Insurance – Have Boots Will Travel

“Everybody needs a little time to get away, I heard you say. Even lovers need a holiday…” So says the song by the great Chicago – and it’s true! No matter how much you love your job, you need time out, to recharge your batteries with friends and family. It’s essential to maintain sharpness, relationships [...]

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Military Mortgage – Bricks & Mortar

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “England is a nation of shopkeepers!” We (not forgetting our Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh compatriots of the United Kingdom) prefer to be known, as a nation of hard-working, brave and fearless individuals. Nowhere else is this typified more than by members of our HM Armed Forces – we’re rightly proud [...]

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Made in the Royal Navy

The current advertising campaign for the Royal Navy is quite compelling. If you haven’t seen the adverts, they tell the story (usually of a young lad), who has gone through various stages of life, seemingly, not achieving very much, working in dead-end jobs and the like, until the day inspiration strikes and he becomes a [...]

Why Choose Us?

There are many places you could go to for your insurance and financial products (insurance, mortgages, vehicle finance and the like) – your bank, a high-street broker or financial adviser. Unfortunately, you could end up paying a lot more than you need to for elements of cover that you don’t need – just because you’re [...]

Military Redundancy Insurance

As a member of the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or Marines, it’s difficult to comprehend the fact that you might lose your job. After all, being a serving member of HM Forces isn’t just a job – it’s a vocation, a way of life, like no other. Full of variety and challenges, [...]

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Military Reserves Insurance

Are you Reserved? The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom are well-equipped, well-trained and ready to go – but there’s a branch that often gets overlooked – and that’s our military reserves. The face the same challenges and dangers as their full-time colleagues – most whilst holding down another career or job at the same [...]

The Gift of Protection

As the festive season approaches, there are lots of things to think about, whether you’re on deployment, in barracks or at home. Friends, family, presents, wrapping, cards, postage, and, if you’re lucky enough to be with your family, even where you might spend the ‘big day’ itself. When you’re in the Armed forces, whether it [...]

Choosing Military Life Insurance

As Armistice Day services remind us, nobody is immune to loss, grief and sacrifice. This is particularly felt amongst serving members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force – you may have lost friends and colleagues in the line of duty, and, whilst you are acutely aware of the risks when you enlist, you [...]

Why Bother with Kit?

When you enlist with HM Armed Forces, you’ll be given kit – some temporary, some permanent – and most of it is very expensive to replace should it become lost, stolen or damaged in some way – and the cost could come from YOUR pocket! We’re not talking a pen or a USB stick that [...]

Are You Carrying Too Much?

Being a member of HM Armed Forces is an adventure, a privilege and let’s be honest, you’re organised into a routine mostly from morning until night. But, when real life strikes, it can be a shock to the system – and that includes those little pockets of debt that all of a sudden seem like [...]