Navy Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Insurance and Kit Insurance for Royal Navy Personnel.

We aim to provide advice on life in the Royal Navy and the insurance cover we provide – and more details can be found on our Navy Insurance and Military Kit Insurance pages. In addition, our team of Navy Insurance specialists are happy to help on 0333 772 0613..


Motor Insurance for Military Personnel

There’s no getting away from it. If you drive a vehicle, you need insurance and, for most people, it’s easy to arrange, thanks to a plethora of companies, comparison websites and even banks,  vying for the custom of the ordinary UK car & motorbike owning population. By definition, as a serving member of HM Armed [...]

Military Recruitment Insurance

When you sign up to become a member of HM Armed Forces, whether it be the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or the Royal Marines, you’ll feel proud, possibly even a little emotional. And why wouldn’t you? At this point, you’re embarking on an adventure like no other – Phase 1 military training. It’ll [...]

Veterans Insurance

There comes a time when you need a change, either through age or circumstance and your military career ends. Then you become a Forces Veteran. But, as many will testify, you’ll always be part of that very special family – the HM Armed Forces family. No matter whether you part of the Army, Royal Navy [...]

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Being a member of the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force or any other branch of HM Armed Forces is something to be proud of. It comes with responsibility, privileges and, unfortunately, a certain element of risk and danger. One thing is for sure, life in the military is never boring, and, is probably [...]

What’s in Your Kit Bag?

We all have things that we treasure. Some physical (such as photos), some emotional (like memories), and some that just make life easier or more fun, like a Playstation or an Xbox, for example. We appreciate that memories stay with you and your photos could possibly be only of sentimental value to you alone – [...]

A Life Insurance – Less Ordinary

These days, life insurance adverts seem to be everywhere – on the TV, radio, your newspapers and even through your letterbox. Over 50? In your 20’s or 30’s? In good health, non-smoker? As they say on the street, you’re “laughing.” Until, that is, you tell them that you’re a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed [...]

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Let’s Get Serious

Being in the Armed Forces probably means that you’re usually in tip-top condition, primed, prepared and ready for anything. Whether you’re in the Army, Navy or RAF, your training is designed to keep you that way, especially physically. What would you do if the worst happened and you were diagnosed with cancer, a brain tumour, [...]

Spring Clean Your Finances

As the days lengthen, the temperatures get warmer and Easter approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to spring. For some people, spring means a really good deep clean of their home, from top to bottom. Being in HM Armed Forces perhaps shields you from some of that but even so, we concentrate on the physical side [...]

Vitality For Life – Discounted Military Insurance

Being a serving member of HM Armed Forces should mean, that generally, you’re in tip-top physical condition for most of the time. Indeed, you probably pride yourself on just how fit and healthy you are, no longer the stereotypical 12 pints and kebab type. Instead, your body is a temple and you look after it [...]

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Forces Help to Buy Scheme

Did you know that you could borrow up to 50% of your annual salary (up to £25,000) interest-free over 10 years to help you get on the property ladder? Owning your very own home is something that a lot of people aspire to and, it used to be that being in HM Armed Forces made [...]