Why choose Forces Advice for Military Insurance?

Let’s be honest here- on your search to find the military insurance you’ve probably come across a lot of different companies, offering a lot of different things. Some might throw in gimmicks in the hope they’ll entice you. We’re different. Unlike some, we don’t believe in the approach of getting you in the door then [...]

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Army Kit Insurance

Chances are you’ve come across this page as you’re looking for Army Kit Insurance that protects your belongings and equipment. You’ve found the right place. We understand exactly what you are looking for. You don’t need us to tell you that your belongings and kit is quite expensive. You certainly don’t need us to tell [...]

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Army Insurance

“Be the best” – goes the famous slogan from the Army recruitment adverts. And you are the best, you play an extremely important role in keeping the peace, both at home and abroad. So, whilst you’re protecting the country, who (or what) is protecting you and your belongings? Shouldn’t you have the best insurance too? [...]

Royal Navy Insurance

Life in the Royal Navy is exciting – but it’s also tough.   Your job is full on. Not only is it physically demanding, but it can be stressful. And you spend weeks and months away from your loved ones back at home. You need peace of mind at all times.  You’d think that the Navy would have you covered [...]

Which Insurance Product is right for me?

Which Insurance Product is right for me? It’s a question a lot of us ask, whether it’s you as someone who is doing terrific work serving our country in the Armed Forces, or someone who is looking for pet insurance for their Chihuahua. Let’s be honest here. When it comes to finding insurance, you’re probably [...]

Why Should You Choose Forces Advice

Why should you choose Forces Advice? Chances are you’ve come across us while looking for someone who can provide you with insurance that covers you while you serve in the Armed Forces. It’s possible you’ve had a look at other websites, but here we’re going to tell you about what sets us apart from the [...]

Forces Insurance

You’re there to protect the nation, and our Forces Insurance is there to protect you. After all, it’s only right you’re protected if something was to happen while doing your duty. That’s why we created Forces Advice- our services and products are designed not only to offer the protection you need but peace of mind [...]

Why should I get Navy Insurance?

The thought of having to purchase Navy Insurance in a time where budgets are tight might be one that gives you the instant thought of “Can I afford it”. But is it worth saving that few quid a month in the event that something happens, and it costs you or your loved ones a lot [...]

Military Life Insurance – what is it really?

Peace of mind for your loved ones if something happened. Sounds good, right? There’s a lot of plans offering life insurance on the market out there- however with one of our Military Life Insurance plan, you can be sure that it’s one with no nasty surprises. What Is Military Life Insurance? Military Life Insurance is [...]

Military Kit Insurance

Your military kit, whether permanent or temporary, is undeniably one of your most valuable assets when you work for the British Armed Forces. You carry it around everywhere you go and are fully responsible if anything is lost, stolen or damaged, which is not all that uncommon to happen, given that you do have a [...]