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Our Armed Forces Insurance is different from your standard insurance. After all, your work in the forces is different from standard jobs. You put yourself in the firing line for the nation, and we at Forces Advice believe you deserve looking after too.

That’s why we do what we do. We were created with the idea that you and your loved ones should be protected and treated as individuals instead of another number.

Whether you’re on land with the Army, at sea with the Royal Navy, or above the skies with the RAF, we’ve got you covered. With Forces Advice, you get peace of mind, protection and armed forces insurance cover that provides great value without the catches or nasty surprises.

While there’s a lot of different situations we can cover, we broadly speaking offer three major categories of Armed Forces Insurance for each of the different forces. These are Military Kit Insurance, Life Insurance and Personal Insurance.


Army Insurance

Our Armed Forces Insurance cover for Army Personnel covers a range of different needs relating to your duty in the Armed Forces as well as life at home.

Army Kit Insurance

Being a member of the Army, you’re issued with expensive equipment and temporary issue kit. If they get lost or stolen you can be charged for it. As you’ll already know, some of that can be quite expensive and its money you could do without losing. Our Army Kit Insurance can make sure your back is covered without the hole in the pocket.

Army Life Insurance

Life in the Army carries a lot of risks, especially in times of active combat. But if the worst was to happen or you became critically ill, what happens to your family? Our Life Insurance plans have that thought out. It makes sure you and your loved ones are protected when you need it most.

Army Personal Insurance

Our Personal Insurance covers you in many ways. Two of these are cover if your belongings get lost or stolen. It can also cover your license to occupy liability with the MOD. Your life in the Army is fast-paced, and sometimes mistakes can be made. We understand that and make sure you and yours are protected.

Other Services

We’ve given a lot of thought to things beyond just insurance policies. Some of you reading this are married with children or have a partner at home. But given the busy nature of your work, have you thought about the future? We understand your time of leave is precious, and sometimes it’s something that can be overlooked. We can arrange to come and visit you at your camp or at home to discuss your needs. Not only to tell you about our products- we’re really here to help.

Navy Insurance

Getting the right Armed Forces Insurance for Royal Navy Personnel can be difficult, sometimes impossible. Your needs will vary greatly. You could be a new recruit looking for cost-effective kit insurance for the first time. You could be a career Marine looking to protect your family’s income and your home. We specialise in providing the right products to make sure you’re covered.

Not only do we have professional knowledge of the Insurance Market, but we’ve also lived the life you lead and know what happens. Like most of our Armed Forces Insurance, this covers three areas.

Navy Kit Insurance

When you join the Navy, you’re issued with a wide range of equipment and uniform. Some of it is on a short-term basis, some permanent issue. On top of this, you might have bought items of your own to go with your kit issue. If anything went missing- whether from your car, your home, on duty or elsewhere, you have to replace it. With our kit insurance, you’re covered.

Navy Life Insurance

Navy Life Insurance is particularly important for Royal Navy personnel because of the risky nature of your work. Depending on your current situation, or whether you are under orders, it might be difficult, sometimes impossible to get insurance on the high street.

With our Armed Forces Insurance, you don’t need to worry. Our Life Insurance is designed to protect those who depend on you if you’re made redundant. It can help to pay your mortgage. To make this happen, we work with a range of specialist insurers.

Our Armed Forces Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Navy Personal Insurance

We know that you run the risk of injury, critical or worse through what you do. Our Personal Insurance protects the things and people that matter to you. It can protect your possessions whether at home or on travel and can pay out if something bad happens.

RAF Insurance

Your needs in the RAF vary tremendously depending on if you’re married, whether you own a home or your job within the RAF. It varies a lot- and our Armed Forces Insurance cover for the RAF reflects this.

RAF Kit Insurance

When you join the RAF, you’re issued with expensive equipment and uniform, which you are expected to look after. Failure to do so can make you responsible for replacing it- which can be expensive.

At Forces Advice, we understand this.

RAF Life Insurance

It’s important that you’re covered due to the risky nature of what you do. What happens if you lost your life in service? What would your family be left with?

We offer a range of term and whole life policies. We can offer information on what’s best and why. Our Armed Forces Insurance for the RAF is designed to give you peace of mind and protect your loved ones.

RAF Personal Insurance

The Armed Forces Insurance that takes care of you. It can help in many ways- from paying for help if you get injured abroad to protecting your belongings at home from theft or loss.

Our forces insurance policies offer great value, protection for you and yours and peace of mind.

About Forces Advice

Forces Advice operate on the values of Integrity, Discretion and Dependability. It’s values you care about being in the forces and as ex-military personnel ourselves, it’s what we care about too.

We’ve lived your life. We know what happens. We’ve used that knowledge along with our knowledge of the insurance market to create Armed Forces Insurance products that truly help you and your loved ones.

We treat you like individuals, not a number. We take the time to fully explain everything to you and only use insurers that reflect the things you need. Some Forces Insurance companies only offer insurance from one company. We use a number of different ones, which means we can offer you exactly what you need and at a price that won’t break the bank.

We don’t charge for the information we provide, so we’re always happy to help and you’re under no obligation.

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